The brain has been a source of fascination for centuries and many great minds have been drawn to the subject. Leonardo da Vinci has written copious materials about it and made anatomical sketches of it. Sigmund Freud devoted his life to the study of it, as did Carl Jung and so many others.

Indeed the mind contains so many secrets that have yet to be unveiled. People have resorted to different ways of tapping into its vast potential, one of which is mind mapping.

Mind mapping has been found as an effective tool in getting the brain to talk effectively (i.e., to communicate its ideas in a comprehensible fashion). It is a diagram of related words or ideas and sub-categories stemming from a central topic. Porphyry of Tyre was the very first one in history recorded to have used mind maps, way back in the 300s. Indeed, mind mapping has been used as a thinking tool for a very long time.

ThinkBuzan has come up with a revolutionary mind mapping tool that allows people to optimize their critical thinking potential called the iMindMap. The iMindMap is a culmination of pertinent technologies and applications geared towards improving your mind mapping experience. Certain versions of the iMindMap combine helpful tools like Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Project, Outlook, Publisher, One Note, and Access) and the Open Office Productivity Suite (Writer, Draw, Calc, Impress, and Base). It also gives you the ability to export mind maps as Microsoft Project Files, Power Point Presentations, Spread Sheets, MS Word or Open Office Writer Documents, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs), Portable Document Formats (PDFs), etc.

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