Do you ever feel that there aren’t enough days in the week to finish all the things that you have to do? Or that your week is nothing but one excruciatingly long Monday? It makes you wish that you can do more at a shorter time frame so you can have some free time to enjoy.

iMindMap is a cutting-edge productivity tool that allows you to manage things according to importance. It helps you prioritize, be more productive, work faster, meet your deadlines and have enough time to spare to have rest and fun.

iMindMap’s Speed Mind Map Mode feature helps you center on what matters. It enables you to plan ahead (e.g., action to be taken, timeframe covered, etc.). iMindMap maximizes your potential and current skill sets, making you more efficient and productive. It also allows you to budget your time.

You can accomplish a lot of things very easily just by using the keyboard to edit your mind maps. Create a game plan. Attach multimedia files like sounds, images and videos as aids, or link your mind maps to important files that would help you along the way. With iMindMap, a lot more can be done at less time.

ThinkBuzan is offering a 7-day free trial period for iMindMap. Explore the potential of each day with iMindMap. iPhone users can also enjoy iMindMap for free. iMindMap for iPhone connects to the iMindMap desktop, allowing you to synch your files and share them with others.

There are 4 iMindMap packages to choose from: iMindMap Elements™, iMindMap Professional™, iMindMap Ultimate™, and iMindMap Ultimate Plus™. You can run iMindMap on Windows, Linux and Mac platforms based on the specified system requirements. Depending on what you need, whether it’s for work, school or personal use, iMindMap has something for you.

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