The highly recommended iMindMap software by the mind map inventor, Tony Buzan, seems to have helped a many people to strategize their mind maps in a more effective way. However, as good as it may seem, there are still a few things you need to take into serious consideration when it comes to buying Buzan’s iMindMap mind mapping software. The following are the things you need to avoid before you make up your mind to purchase this piece of application.

1. Wrong Package
In case you do not know, iMindMap comes in 3 versions and each obviously serves different needs and purposes. While the most expensive one may seem so promising because of the number of ticks you see, they may not necessary be the features you need for youself. Let’s say you only need to design very devent mind maps for yourself and you do not need the integration with MS and Open Office, then you might want to go for the Elements version instead of the Professional and Ultimate versions. You need to be even more careful when choosing between the Professional and Ultimate versions because there are only a few differences that differentiate them both. They are the Open Office Calc integration, Project management integration, export as SVG feature, create and develop your own e-learning course and finally, interactive web export. If you do no need these features, you may go for the Professional versions. This information should get you to avoid choosing the wrong package for yourself.

2. Prompt Buying Decision
This is one of the most popular buying behavior today. Many businesses understand the needs to serve this compulsive target group and they developed products for them. Likewise, if you belong to this group, you might want to think twice or even thrice before you make any decision to buy iMindMap. Not only that but you might want to take it even further to seek extra advice and do more research before hand. I have done a thorough review on this product and you can visit through the link at the end of this article.

3. Give Away For Free
Do you have good friends or relatives so close that you are willing to give what you have bought from money for free? I think you have. However, you might want to re-think over this issue because this is the most damaging thing you can do to a software development. Companies and programmers that have had sleepless nights, long hours and big amount of budget in doing research and development only to find out their hard work has been spreading around for free. It is not difficult to understand why pirated movies are banned, is it? Likewise, due to the nature of the Internet technology, movies, musics and even application softwares can be downloaded for free. This is why you should not give your software away and download for free. These are the things you need to avoid before you make any decision to buy Tony Buzan’s iMindMap mind mapping software.

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