A lot of talking and discussions have been taken place about Tony Buzan’s latest software development, iMindMap mind mapping software. Since it was first developed, there has been positive feedbacks about this piece of application and perhaps, it is truly the right application for those who mind map. The fame and news of Buzan’s iMindMap did not just stop there. Recently there are a lot more happenings coming up from this software and I have picked some hot ones.

iMindMap V3 for Linux is Being Released
Currently, iMindMap V3 is only compatible for Mac and Windows operating systems. This version is more than just a name that suggests improvement. It is truly an innovation of the mind map revolution. With its improvement on the shortcut keys, less visual clutters, reduced memory requirement by 30%, processing speed of up to 400% faster, new sketch tools and improved image library, they can now provide a greater value for the customers in the future to intends to buy this software. Now, iMindMap V3 is no longer only for Windows and Mac users. Linux platforms can now experience the same proviledges of this software.

iMindMap Hits #1 in Japan
In case you do not know, iMindMap is also available in Japanese version. What is more amazing is the fact that it hits top of the chart in the Amazon market. Many Japanese professionals, individuals and even large organizations are using Buzan’s iMindMap to solve their personal and organizational problems. As a result, many Japanese have given positive feedback about this piece of mind mapping application. They said it is easier to use, user-friendly, easy to learn, really original and the best recommended software ever. iMindMap is also available in Welsh, Spanish, German, Russian, Korean, Traditional Chinese and French.

Noble Prize Winners and Great Thinkers on Earth Use iMindMap to Brainstorm
During the Petra Conference of Noble Laureates, a group of noble prize winners and the world’s greatest thinkers were gathered to brainstorm the global issues. While this may seem a ground breaking news and the only place to see the world’s best geniuses, what is even more shocking is that iMindMap was being used by all the geniuses during the conference. The Petra conference ended up well and they concluded that children poverty can be reduced with education.

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