The makers of iMindMap at ThinkBuzan has finally come up with an iPhone application that allows the user to create mind maps wherever, whenever. So apart from the regular phone applications, iPod features and WiFi capabilities, your iPhone can now offer you mind mapping tools to tap into your genius via iMindMap. This iMindMap iPhone program can also link to the iMindMap desktop software.

Let’s say you’re at the park, enjoying some me-time while sipping a nice cup of Caramel Macchiato. Suddenly, a great idea hits you. The iMindMap program allows you to create mind maps with your iPhone and send them to a friend or a co-worker for sharing.

This is a winning mind mapping program for anyone with an iPhone OS 3.0. The software also goes with your iPhone’s Accelerometer. You can flip your mind maps around, tilt it, or rotate it as you please. It also works well with the iPhone’s intelligent keyboard. Type those ideas away and let iMindMap churn out a fantastic mind map for you. The best part about the iMindMap program is that it’s free to be downloaded and used at ThinkBuzan’s website.

With all this going on, it almost makes you wonder if ThinkBuzan is looking to come up with an iMindMap for the iPad that is set to be released during the last leg of March, 2010 (with a presale of the WiFi models on February 25, at prices starting at US$499). iMindMap for the iPad—now, that’s definitely something to look forward to. The iPad is like a big brother of the iPhone with a significantly wider screen and a more powerful processor, making it even more enjoyable to use. If ThinkBuzan were to come up with an iMindMap for iPad, it’s sure to pack a really strong punch.  

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