After taking the iMindMap for a test run, it can be confirmed that the iMindMap has a good user interface. It’s fun and easy to navigate through the features.

iMindMap has merged a line of powerful features and applications to allow you to export your files, add hyper links, insert images, use a sketch tool, and choose from a comprehensive array of images and templates in its gallery.

iMindMap operates in Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. Its features include Speed Mind Map Mode, Box Branches, Intelligent Printing, Tablets and Interactive Whiteboards, Relationship Arrows, Highlight Clouds, and many more.

The Speed Mind Map Mode feature is a favourite feature so far, and allows the user to mind map easily by using the keyboard. With Speed Mind Map Mode, users can mind map anytime. While it’s not like the normal Mind Mapping Mode that emulates what is called the “hand-drawn experience”, it allows for quicker generation of mind maps, pushing you to look at the key idea being discussed.

Under Speed Mind Map Mode is branch sorting which comes in handy in helping the user figure out which projects or activities to prioritize. You don’t have to worry about the structure of your branches because Auto Layout does this automatically for you. 

In connection with the Mind Map Mode, the sketch tool is another favourite feature. It allows you to draw your ideas freehand, or make sketches as you would on a regular pen and paper (except, this one allows you to link your sketches in particular branches of the mind map and export them in various file formats like SVG, PDF, .XLS, and so on). 

For international users, iMindMap supports various languages such as English, Français, Expañol, Deutsch and Português.

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