When you think about mind maps, you get an image of something that resembles Jonathan Swift’s Flying Spaghetti Monster, or J.K. Rowling’s Aragog in Harry Potter. At the fundamental level, a mind map is a diagram of related ideas branching out of a key concept that falls into different subcategories.

iMindMap is like the mind map or web you were told to make as a child with your crayons, fortified with high technology, powerful applications (e.g., Microsoft Office, Open Office, Adobe, Multimedia Manager, etc.) and vitamins. It’s the Bumble Bee version of a Yellow Camaro. Equipped with a suite of features like the Speed Mind Map Mode, Project Management, Focus In and Out, Auto Lay Out, and so on, iMindMap kicks some serious techie derrieres.

iMindMap allows users to turn their mind maps into Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs), Portable Document Formats (PDFs), Microsoft Project Files, Spread Sheets, Power Point Presentations, MS Word or Open Office Writer Documents, etc. and send them to other people through email.

iMindMap also gives users the capability to link audio, images, streaming videos, websites, and other files to their mind maps. This translates to a more well-rounded approach to critical thinking and a seriously rockin’ presentation (for students and business people).  It’s no wonder iMindMap has been getting some stellar reviews from people like DeBeers Chairman Nicky Oppenheimer, Boeing Design Engineer Sam Brooks, HSBC Bank Learning & Development Head Ann Ewing, BBC Producer Rosaline Gower, and Forbes Magazine.

There are 4 kinds of iMindMap Suites: iMindMap Elements™, iMindMap Professional™, iMindMap Ultimate™, and iMindMap Ultimate Plus™, each coming with an impressive bevy of useful features to enrich your mind mapping experience. They’re all easy to use and supplemented with a free tutorial online. Look through the specs at ThinkBuzan.com and pick one that is right for you.


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