Tony Buzan’s iMindMap has been a popular topic recently and many people have benefited simply by using this software alone. Not only that it saves them a lot of them, but it allows them to create as many mind maps as they want in every single area of their lives. As convenient as it seems to be, however, you still need some wisdom as a human being to make the software more effective in helping you. The following tips will help you to understand how you can use iMindMap to benefit you to the maximum results.

1. One Map for One Particular Topic
Since it allows you to create as many mind maps as possible, truly you need to dedicate one particular topic or area in your life to one mind map. It could be anything, from holiday to diet plan, from saving to retirement plan, and from petty cash to large amount of budgetting. Let’s say you want to improve 3 specific areas of your life within this month and they include taking your girlfriend out on Valentine’s day, ideas for celebrating your parents’ anniversary and venturing into a new business. So you create 3 mind maps and each map is dedicated to one topic. So the first one you can label ‘girlfriend’ or her name as a central image. The second you may label ‘Parents’ and the third one you may label ‘venture’. When you do, remember to create a central image for each map that will represent the topic of the map.

2. Different Colors for Different Main Branches
Let’s dig deeper to one particular topic and take taking your girlfriend out on Valentine’s day, for example. Now that you have a topic and the next thing you do is to generate as many ideas as possible to make her happy and the date meaningful. So you can start generating ideas like, taking her out to dinner, bringing her to night cruise, going for movie and seeing fireworks. The ideas you generate can be endless. For each idea generated (i.e. dinner, cruise, movie and fireworks), draw up a main branch attached to the central image – ‘girlfriend’. This will give you some rough ideas before you take it further to become more specific.

3. Create As Many Ideas As Possible
This is where you start to be more specific. Take ‘dinner’ for instance. Where can you bring her to? Do you want to bring her to an Italian restaurant? Japanese? or Chinese? For each sub ideas generated, write it down, regardless whether you are going to execute or not. Once you have got a clear plan, then only you decide which one you want to execute. Here is a simple yet creative tip that will make your girlfriend feels like you are the only star shining in front of her. As you look into mind maps once again, what can do see? Can you combine them together? How about bringing her to experience everything you have thought of? This will include bringing her to a dinner on a night cruise with fireworks prepared on board. Wow! Don’t be surprised you might want to prepare your engagement ring too!

4. Use Images for Each Idea
A picture speaks a thousand words. One of the reasons why mind mapping is so effective for the use of your brain is because it involves images. iMindMap has a photo database of close to 10,000 images and no matter how many ideas you have generated for your mind maps, you can use these images for each of your idea or sub ideas. Conclusion Buzan’s iMindMap is effective in nature. It would be even better when you apply the tips above from your human nature to create a super strategy to tackle every problem.

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