Wow, did you hear of iMindMap? Apparently the science behind it, called mind mapping, has been around for awhile so you know it’s for real. The application called iMindMap creates a visual representation of everything in your head, from all your ideas and dreams to the little things you want to get done in a day.

Looking at an image of what’s on your mind feels like someone instantly blew all the clouds away. The sun is out! You can do anything. Okay, it sounds fantastic or magical, but it’s really easy and simple to use. All you have to do is type everything on your mind into iMindMap; then, iMindMap will show you all of those thoughts in a way that makes them all easy to think about.

You know what I mean, right? Sometimes you have so many things to get done that you don’t even know where to start, or even how many you’ve got to do. You always forget something and some of your projects always get left behind. iMindMap is incredible, but also so simple. It follows that Apple philosophy of keeping things simple on the surface, but delivering awesome power from within.

You can create thought bubbles to put things in, or clouds, or you can draw lines associating one bubble to another. You have to type those things into iMindMap, but it couldn’t feel more natural to use. Really, it’s absolutely painless. There’s even a version for the iPhone so you’ll never forget anything ever again! The thought of not having sticky notes and torn pieces of paper lying around with instructions and things to do makes me so, so happy. So many apps and widgets, like Stickies or Notes, are supposed to help you organize your life.  Really, though, who ever uses those effectively? It’s tedious. Well, iMindMap isn’t!

I can’t wait to hear from someone who’s tried it.

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