Finally, after months and months of hard work, you are finally given a short vacation. This sort of thing doesn’t happen very often and you’d like to make the most of the time given to you. Let iMindMap help you. Create itineraries and clearly chart out the places you want to go to, what you want to do when you get there, and how long you’ll be staying at each point. iMindMap helps you priorities activities according to your specifications, making you come up with a more feasible vacation plan, maximizing your vacay time.

Now, a lot of people say that one of the best things about vacations is the unexpected, and that part of the fun is just playing things by ear. The problem with that is, the vacation period given to you is just too limited to waste thinking about where to go and still trying to figure out what to do. You miss out on things you want to do because you didn’t plan ahead. This limits your choices in terms of destinations, lodging, etc. You’ll also probably end up spending more in booking hotels or flights last-minute.

iMindMap’s Speed Mind Map Mode feature helps you quickly zone in on which activities you want to do in the places you want to go to. This will also help you budget your expenses. You can do all this quickly, just by using the keyboard. Add images, sounds, and videos as aids, or link helpful web pages pertinent to what you plan on doing. With iMindMap, you can do a lot of fun things in just a few days at a lower cost.

If you’re unconvinced, try out iMindMap for free for 7 days. Download the software at ThinkBuzan’s website. Get a whiff of what iMindMap can do for you.

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