You have probably heard about many mind mapping softwares around. However, there is one that attracts most of the attention because it is the only mind mapping software endorsed by the mind map inventor, Tony Buzan.

Is this the reason why it has captured the attention of many? Is it just another similar software that allows users to create maps with nice and eye-catching packaging on the outside?

In order to find out, a thorough research has been done and the following are the findings of Tony Buzan’s iMindMap.

It Allows You to Create Unlimited Mind Maps with Little Effort

If you know how to mind map, you will know each map you create represents one particular area of your life that needs to be planned, improved or organized.For example, you may create five different maps and they include your diet plan, holiday plan, business plan, organizational structure and presentation format. Each main stream of thoughts will then be represented by the main branches labeled with different colors and keywords. Not only that, the sub-branches being developed are the associated thoughts and ideas that allow you to have a specific goal in order to be more achievable for you.While this may take you a lot of time, especially when you have a lot of maps you need to create, iMindMap eases all the drawing process with a few simple clicks. It does not matter how many mind maps you need to create, you can turbo charge your speed with this piece of software endorsed by the inventor.

Create Unlimited Branches, Colors and Images
There is no limit to create main branches or sub-branches because ideas generated by any person is endless. So you may create as many branches as you want without the need of drawing and coloring the map. Research shows that the mind will be very effective when a structure involves colors, words and images. Images play a very important role in mind maps because each helps a person to remember an event or retrieve information easily, as a picture speaks a thousand words. With the stock photos of iMindMap, it gives you the access to search for almost 10,000 images for all your mind maps. So there will be lesser chance for you to clash images.

Integrate with MS and Open Office
In order to help you organize better, iMindMap has a built-in feature that allows you to take advantage of the maps you have create to be integrated with important documents in MS and Open Office formats. Do you have a database you need to organize? Do you have an agenda you need to type? Do you have a monthly budget you need to do? Develop you maps and put them into practical documents so that they can help you to manage better. There are many mind mapping softwares out there and they run similar concepts. However, iMindMap hits the top of the chart because it meets the requirements of the effective mind map strategies. Its purpose is to enhance mind map in the best possible ways to unleash the potentials of the brain by putting in colors, words and images.

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