Hearing more than one friend rave about their experience with iMindMap made it clear that it was time to try iMindMap first-hand. Having availed of iMindMap’s 7-day free trial period, it is safe to say that the iMindMap has a fantastic user interface that is both enjoyable and simple.

iMindMap has culminated some powerful features and applications that allows users to export files, add hyper links, insert images, use a sketch tool, and choose from a comprehensive array of images and templates in its gallery. It supports various languages for international customers, including English, Français, Expañol, Deutsch and Português.

As for operating systems, iMindMap can run on Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. Among its features are Speed Mind Map Mode, Box Branches, Intelligent Printing, Tablets and Interactive Whiteboards, Relationship Arrows, Highlight Clouds, and so on. 

The Speed Mind Map Mode feature allows the user to use the keyboard to quickly create mind maps, giving him or her the freedom to mind map at any time. It offers branch sorting, assisting the user in identifying which activities or endeavours to prioritize. The branches are instantly formatted through Auto Layout, so you don’t have to worry about their appearance within the mind map.

The Mind Map Mode, on the other hand, copies what ThinkBuzan technically refers to as the “hand-drawn experience” through the use of the sketch tool. The sketch tool enables the user to make freehand drawings in the same manner as he or she would when using an ordinary pen and paper. These sketches or drawings can be exported into other file formats (e.g., SVG, PDF, .XLS, .DOC, etc.) and linked to specific branches in the mind map.

If you have an iPhone, try out the iMindMap for iPhone for free at ThinkBuzan.com. The iMindMap for iPhone links to the iMindMap desktop so you can share your files and export them.

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