Right in the middle of dinner, you and your friend come up with this fabulous idea. It’s still very raw, but it’s a good start. Gamely, you jot down notes on a paper placemat. You can tell just by looking at the thing that you’ve had pasta topped with lots of cheese, and a bit of iced tea. A drop of your drink falls on an important word. You dab it off and it gets smudged. So on top of your crazy handwriting, there’s ink and food stains scattered all over your placemat-cum-note sheet, rendering the words on it unintelligible. With all the fun that you’ve had in between this brainstorming session and the time that has passed, you can’t seem to remember what that brilliant idea you and your friend had was, exactly. Sounds familiar? How many good ideas have you lost because of this dodgy kind of note-taking?

Or, have you ever had a friend, convinced that he or she is on the brink of genius, giving you an earful of what sounds like a load of pig swivel? In the end, you think he or she is barking mad and make it a point not have long philosophical conversations with him or her again. What you don’t know is that there could potentially be a smashing concept in that drivel, it’s just that your friend is having a hard time articulating it.

iMindMap makes sense of these mad ramblings, following the brain’s non-linear workings, helping people get to the bottom of what preliminarily seems like piffle. You can also associate all sorts of files with it, too—word, PDF, HTML, SVG, audio, video, images, etc.

iMindMap has a mobile app for people with iPhones. It can be downloaded for free at iMindMap’s website.

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