It’s common knowledge that the iPhone, apart from the Blackberry Bold, is one of the coolest phones available in the market today. With its intelligent keyboard, accelerometer, multimedia gallery and WiFi capabilities, it’s the Jack Nicholson of the mobile world; the sun to your techno-savvy, Mac-using Icarus. The first time this baby came out, Vodafone reported more than 100 thousand units of iPhones sold, and the trend continues to be positive (never mind the economic downturn).

Now, imagine pairing this phenomenal gadget with iMindMap, the leading mind mapping software on the planet. That’s coolness times 10 to the thousandth power.

Even Mind Mapping Coach and Speaker, Michael Tipper, confesses to wanting to buy an iPhone simply because Buzan CEO Chris Griffiths has disclosed that ThinkBuzan is going to make the iMindMap software available for the iPhone for free. 

So this means that apart from the existing useful features of the iPhone, you can access the awesome iMindMap application wherever you are, whenever you want. You can create mind maps while you’re on the bus, at the restaurant, in the middle of a football game, on top of the Eiffel Tower, on a gondola, at a secluded beach in the Caribbean, in front of your office’s water cooler, at a nearby vending machine, next to your rambling old Aunt with the wig, on a mountain in Tibet, in the loo (during a time of routine contemplation), at the park—the possibilities are endless. 

With iMindMap in your iPhone, you’ll always be ready to write down your winning ideas the moment you have them. You can also link to your iMindMap desktop and print or email those mind maps for sharing. Check out for more details.

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