Currently, there are 3 versions of Tony Buzan’s iMindMap mind mapping software. They include Elements, Professional and Ultimate. The following will give you a brief idea on the features of all these 3 versions so that it helps you to be wiser in making your buying decision.

iMindMap Element Version
This is the most basic version and is suitable for those who mind map with the most fundatmental features. This version duplicates the original mind mapping techniques developed by Tony Buzan in the 60′s and it allows you to create mind maps in a much faster pace without the need of hand drawing. Features including the following:- – creating complete organic looking Mind Maps – organize and choose one of the limited different styles settings from organic to radial to linear – improved speed with reduced memory requirements – import M. Manager Maps and Mind Maps in .XML format – simple user interface – visually show connections between different topic and branches – add emphasis to key concepts and ideas with highlight clouds – access to 6000 images offline and thousands more online – iMindMap in more than 10 languages – and many more

iMindMap Professional Version
This version is one level higher comparing to the Element version. It definitely comes with the features mentioned above and below are the extended features where the Element version does not provide. – ‘Focus in and out’ feature – editing your existing Mind Maps – MS Office Applications Integration – Open Office Applications Integration – Screen Capture Tool – and many more

iMindMap Ultimate Version
This is the iMindMap version that includes everything you think a mind mapping software should have and everything you think a mind mapping software should not have. Features would include the following:- – Open Office Calc integration – Project Management System integration – exporting Mind Maps as a scalable vector graphics (SVG) – create your own e-learning courses – interactive web export – and many more

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