Paul Foreman, a renowned mind map aficionado with e-Books on mind mapping under his belt, came up with an ongoing 1,000-word mind map challenge that started last year where the work is its own reward. This was taken on by a number of mind mapping enthusiasts, including Tim Fulford, whose approach to the task was through the use of iMindMap. The key idea is “apple”.

Interested about where this challenge would take her, a lady took her iMindMap out for a test run and was able to come up with 450 associations in an hour from the same word (not counting the frequent breaks she took checking out reference materials for her articles today). She also encouraged a friend to try it out and he ended up with 346 associations during the same amount of time.

Now, imagine what iMindMap can do at the hands of someone truly at the brink of genius, for more than a day.

During the 2008 PetraConference of Nobel Laureates hosted by His Majesty King Abdullah II and Queen Rania in Jordan, and attended by 30 Nobel Prize Winners, iMindMap was used to brainstorm on the possible solutions on issues surrounding child poverty (as per Chris Griffith’s Video Log). This meant: smart minds + powerful tool = brilliance2. The participants would have probably won Paul Foreman’s 1,000-word mind map challenge without breaking a sweat.

Note: Those running on Windows XP (32-bit), Vista (32/64-bit), or 7 (32/64-bit) need a 1GHz or faster processor, 512MB RAM, and a 150MB free hard disk space to run iMindMap. Mac users, on the other hand, require OS X 10.5 or higher, a 500MHz or faster processor, a512MB RAM and 150MB free hard disk space, while Linux users need a 500MHz or faster processor, a 512MB RAM, and 150MB free hard disk space.


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