There are probably hundreds of mind mapping softwares out there and recently, I have stumbled upon one and only mind mapping software endorsed by Tony Buzan himself. It is called the iMindMap.

In case you do not know who Tony Buzan is, he is the person who developed the concept and principle of mind mapping in the 60′s.

In this article, I will be discussing how iMindMap can help you to create your very own mind maps, no matter how many maps you need. It is easy and it works exactly how it is supposed to be done.

Draw A Central Image
Usually a mind map is started off with a central image that represents that topic. It could be your holiday, diet, business, personal development or fashion, depending on which area of your life you want to put ideas on. Let’s take the example of diet for the purpose of this article. Imagine that you are sketching your diet plan, so you draw a central image that represents diet.  It could be a picture of a meal, a hunky lad, a photo of your desired Mr Universe or for ladies, a body of a supermodel. It does not matter what you put as a central image as long as it represents the topic of your map.

Create Main Branches
Now that you know that you need to work on your diet. However, there is no way you could achieve your diet goals unless you give yourself a clear and specific plans. In other words, how are you going to achieve the goals you have set? This is where the main branches come in. Each main branch represents each main idea you are generating for your plan. When you do, make sure you use different colors for different branches. For example, when you plan to go on a diet, you may choose to go for gym. So you draw a branch with blue color and label ‘Gym’ on it. Apart from going for gym, you may also consider going swimming. So you create another branch with yellow color and label ‘Swim’ on it. Research shows the mind can unleash greater potential and it involves images, words and colors together. This is why creating the main branches is extremely important.

Create Sub- Branches
The sub branches you create represents the associated ideas and thoughts. Now that you know you are going for gym and swimming at the same time, these are the main branches you have created. Now you need to be more specific when it comes to developing further sub-branches. For example, on the Gym main branch, you may develop one sub-branch with the label ‘Where’ and then you can continue to spread out your ideas (e.g. near your house or near office). Also, you can generate another sub-branch with the label ‘When’ and you continue the spread out the ideas like ‘Monday before work’ and ‘Wednesday after work’. At this point, you do not need to come out with different colors for the sub-branches. Use the same color you use for the main branch so that it will help you to remember, plan and organize more effectively.

Insert Images
Last but not least, you will need to insert images for every end result. Let’s say you have a specific plan that you will go for gym on every Monday before work, then you can put an image that represents that plan. It could be a hunky lad standing in the office or just a building, whatever you need to help you remember what the image means to you.

The steps above are the exact steps you need to take in order to create any kind of mind maps. This principle developed by Tony Buzan has been made even easier through the only mind mapping software he endorses – iMindMap. With countless of colors, images and keywords, you may create as many mind maps of your own and start to plan, organize and innovate your business, homework, companies, personal development and any areas you need to improve in life.

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