I have recently stumbled upon Buzan’s iMindMap and managed to make a few comparisons among other mind mapping softwares. This article should help you to make wiser buying decision and you will have a clearer picture whether or not iMindMap is right for you.

Mindomo – Mindomo is a web based mind mapping tool that allows users to organize their plans and presentations on the web and share with thei peers, colleagues, students and subordinates. Each map created will have a unique URL which can be linked from your websites. There are currently 3 levels of membership including the Basic (free), Premium and Business membership.

Mind Meister – Another web based mind mapping application that allows users to create mind maps, share and integrate with other users at the same time. The real time collaboration makes the process much easier when two or three users are generating ideas and updates are needed, the changes will be updated instantly. You can get a free account for 6 maps or go for Premium and Team for more advanced usage.

Smart Draw – Not very much a mind mapping application but it is very useful for corporate and business use. Smart Draw helps businesses and corporates to organize their information and statistics in a more presentable way including pie chart, flow chart and graphs. It has also been developed to integrate with other softwares like Ms Word, Excel, Powerpoint and many more. You can download the software for free and upgrade at later stage.

Visual Mind – Visual Mind has been around for years and it is one of the most popular mind mapping softwares around. It provides user-friendly interface that helps the brain of a person to work in a more effective way and organize their plans in a clearer manner. The product range includes VM Business, VM Basic, VM Server, VM Mind SDK and theRealizer. You can get your free trial for 30 days and purchase at later stage.

iMindMap – iMindMap mind mapping software is the only software being endorsed by Tony Buzan, the inventor of mind map. It provides a platform for “mind mappers” to draw exactly how an effective mind map should be like in the form of electronic. This software comes in 3 versions including Elements, Professional and Ultimate. You may also download iMindMap for free trial for 7 days and check out for yourself if this software is really for you.

Throughout my findings, I find the only software that involves colors, words, and images is Buzan’s iMindMap and research shows that a brain works much better when these components are involved. This is how I compare iMindMap with other mind mapping softwares.

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