There are many mind mapping tools and softwares out there. However, what really separates Buzan’s iMindMap from the rest is that it was created based on Tony Buzan’s mind mapping principles and concepts.

In order to unleash your brain’s potential in the best possible ways, it has to involve colors, words and images. These are the crucial components a brain needs to have.

For iMindMap, it allows users to create as many mind maps as they want in order to help them improve every different aspect of their lives. Instead of working like a flow chart and a linking system, it enhances the integration of colors, words and images in the brain so that a person can organize their plans more effectively.

A person begins mind mapping by creating a central image that represents the topic of the map. The central image is usually bigger than the rest of the images and it should give the person an impression what the image is about. For example, if John is going to draw a mind map for his holiday, he can create a central image of an island with the label ‘Holiday’ on it.

iMindMap provides access to stock photo database of more than 10,000 images. This means, no matter how many ideas John has generated for his holiday plan, there will be more than enough images to present his ideas.

When it comes to ideas generating part, it helps you to draw main branches (main stream of thoughts) and sub-branches (associated ideas and suggestions) with just one click. If John wants to, he can create as many main branches and sub-branches as he wants to. Not only that, each branch allows him to put in keywords as a label to his ideas. This is very effective in organizing your plans, thoughts and ideas.

While you are creating your mind maps, Buzan’s iMindMap helps John to put in different colors for each main stream of thought, which are the main branches. Research shows that a person’s mind can organize much better when each idea is represented by a color.

Tony Buzan’s iMindMap V3 is currently available for Windows and Mac versions only. It is expected to be out on October 2008 for Linux users and the current version for Linux is V2.5. Currently, there are 3 versions of iMindMap and they include the Elements, Professional and Ultimate. You can now download iMindMap for your free trial now.

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