Within a month, the most expected imindmap 5 is to hit the mind mapping market. One good question that needs an honest answer is how effective will the migration to latest version aid us on the long run. We will discuss and conclude with a verdict to nullify the above doubts. Firstly, if you are already using imindmap 4, you don`t have to worry about the migration, since the latest version will be provided to you free of cost as an upgrade. And it doesn’t harm in using the latest version free of cost. Speculation rests with those who do not fall under the above category.

Comparing the versions will route us to the solution we need to accept the need for latest version. Primarily, imindmap 4 has separate mind map and speed mind map modes that are two different modes in order to generate maps faster and to suit specific requirements of user. This has been eliminated completely and a new feature called Smart Layout mode has been added that combines both the above mentioned features and lets you draw new topic lines easily.

Two major tools need specific mention here: the filter tool and the Smart Cells. The filter tool works just like the one in Microsoft Excel. It filters your map and lets you show/hide specific areas to highlight your map. Smart Cells will enable you to incorporate spreadsheets, flowcharts and sketches within your mindmap thereby enabling you to use the ‘cell’ functions within the map.

Project management in version 5 is given a new phase through ability to build upon Gantt View. This is a special feature that enables you to manage your projects more effectively. With all these features, imindmap 5 shows a definite promise to offer more than what the previous version is giving us.

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