February 2011 is going to experience the advent of imindmap 5 and this time ThinkBuzan.com is going to offer a wide product range to suit all its customers. From the initial introduction of imindmap ‘beta’, it has come a long way to achieve its present stature. With every version, newer and effective features have been added which has been widely accepted and used by users in their daily activities. Success like these can be attributed to the wide product range imindmap offers. The latest version is no exception.

The basic version called as imindmap BASIC will be a module oriented and designed to suit ‘common’ people who want to organize simple thoughts. Students, teachers etc can use this product. It is a beginner module and is specially designed to suit novice mind mappers.

The next product in the matrix is the imindmap PRO. As the name suggests, this is for professionals who want to give their ideas and concepts a professional view. Further, it can be integrated with Microsoft Office, Power Point, Excel etc. making the compatibility factor on a higher note.

Imindmap Ultimate is the complete package offered by ThinkBuzan. Packed with innovative ideas, extra processing tools, complex mind map templates etc. imindmap 5 Ultimate provides a complete solution to sweep your audiences off the floor through professional ‘out of the crowd’ presentations.

The next product is the imindmap ONLINE that provides an online podium to share, store and comment on your maps. Share them with a friend on a different time zone, or simply access your personal maps from anywhere in the world. It just lets you stay connected to the world. It also has the compatibility of being used as a standalone product or as a partner to your desktop software. With a variegated product range, imindmap 5 can be expected to lure more users into it.

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