Think Buzan will in the coming month release the much-awaited iMindmap 5 with some extra cool features that will make it stand out from the other versions.  With some new refreshing ideas and modules, imindmap 5 is expected to take mind mapping to the next level.

With imindmap 5, for the first time, mind mapping has been given a 3D view. You can now navigate to different angles of the map, zoom on important areas and give your viewers a better picture of the scenario in case you are making a presentation.

Another addition is the presentation view that has been enhanced from the ones in earlier versions. It is expected to leave a lasting impression on your audiences making it easier for them to understand what you want to convey and also easier for the presenter to maintain the flow of thought. This presentation view along with the 3D view, animating your map branch by branch, point by point will surely give you a winning edge.

Providing an online podium to your maps, imindmap 5 has an online tool built with it that lets you connect to the World Wide Web, create your personal account and use it to collaborate with people around the world. 

Apart from this, imindmap 5 lets you break complex maps into smaller maps using multi map feature. Having this feature will make your maps easy to decipher. There is more in store; newer images, smart cell feature, filters, comments on maps etc add up to give you a ‘smart’ layout.  One major plus that is to make imindmap 5 the best choice is its ability to incorporate settings import from other mind mapping tools. All these along with some attractive offers would justify users` willingness to migrate to imindmap 5 a right decision.

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