This is what you’ll be thinking after using iMindMap for a little while. Can writing down my thoughts and ideas and my projected schedule for the week be this much fun?

Yes. Wholeheartedly, yes. But the fun is only secondary. The primary advantage of ThinkBuzan’s iMindMap software series is the ease with which it allows you to organize your cluttered mind. Images, graphs, arrows from left to right and top to bottom, solid colours from throughout the spectrum. It’s like a powerpoint graph but in real time and much easier to understand with just a quick glance.

There are four versions of iMindMap, all of which are aimed with the same goals but with different features. Imagine being able to look at all that junk in your head, your ideas and dreams and plans, in one large and easy to read sketch. You would never be able to do this yourself unless you’ve taken years of schooling in the concept of mind mapping. Thankfully, iMindMap takes advantage of Tony Buzan’s research and does it all for you. Type in your thoughts, click and drag, and you’ve got a gorgeous plan laid out for you. Print it off and put it on your fridge or in your suitcase or schoolbag. E-mail the mind map to your office co-workers, share maps with everyone you know, coordinate all your lives together and let your creative mind be inspired by the loosening of all the anxiety gathered from planning and scheduling.

The iMindMap suite offers you the possibility of linking your mind map’s data with documents and images from iWork, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice and more. You can turn on presentation mode and wow your audience with your beautifully presented map. They’ll wonder how you did all that on your own! Get ready to turn work into fun with iMindMap.

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