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Running a website is definitely a very exciting task, especially if it’s your own brainchild. I started a dating website a few years back. The basic idea was mine but three of my friends helped me do it. We formed a team and started working on the project. Soon we had a group of five. Each was given a separate aspect of the website to handle.

We were all very excited and thankfully the website got launched on the decided time. As our website started drawing attention things became complicated. The problem was in the communication. There are several aspects of a website that need attention at the same time and we used to find it difficult to get our ideas across to the other team mates. This created confusion and disagreements. As we were a bunch of college pass out friends, this type of disagreements were stressful for all of us and I was quite worried that I might lose my friends and companions.

At that difficult point of time I stumbled upon the iMindMap. It is a great product that turned the way we communicated and heard each other out. Soon we started working with even more enthusiasm. All our difficulties were over and work moved at a smooth pace.

Recently, one of my peers brought to our notice this product iMindMap which, upon using till now, has made our work lots easier.

iMindMap Overview

I am thankful to Tony Buzan for creating and launching this amazing product. It has helped in taking our website revenues to a new height. The idea of iMindMap has probably stemmed from the concept mapping genre. It uses advanced mind mapping technology for helping different people with different ideas collaborate. It is great for our group meeting sessions when all of us are eager to share our views. Creativity gets new wings with this product as I can tell from my personal experience. Newer versions of this awesome software are now available for better working experience.

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iMindMap Review

In the very beginning the iMindMap was available in a desktop compatible version. It was launched by ThinkBuzan ltd. It can be used on many different user interfaces. Some of my team members are diehard fans of android and some vouch for Apple. They all use iMindMap on their android and iOS operated cell phones or tablets. This has empowered our group to discuss matters with more emphasis and depth. When one of us cannot come to a conclusion then another member helps him/ her reach a point. This way we never get stuck. Before using iMindMap we were barely able to combine the ideas effectively and now we not only understand each other’s mind but also communicate our ideas freely.

How Does iMindMap Work?

The way iMindMap works is just beyond imagination if you have not used it yourself. It may be an important presentation or brainstorm session, with the help of this app in your Mac laptops or Microsoft powered PCs you will be able to deliver a rocking performance. You will be able to manage your complete project with the help of it. Arrange all the data and the times of beginning and end of the project. For presentations, you can move the charts and maps, zoom in or zoom out easily. You will be able to explain things in great details without losing the attention of your audience for a second. When we make plans of campaigning and organizing or enhancing our website, this app helps each of us peach in without cluttering the main map. Collaborations have never been this easy before.

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What Does All This Mean For Me?

It means a lot more freedom of thought, creative interaction and original opinions to boost the productivity of our website. We all know how every website has to be search engine optimized and we always hold social media marketing meetings every fortnight. After starting to use the iMindMap I asked my team members to give weekly presentation of our website’s progress.

With regular communication through advanced mapping and creative idea exchange we have achieved a niche for ourselves. I have introduced this app to my sister and mother. Both of them have found it very useful. My mother is an investment banker. This app has helped her present her ideas to her clients more efficiently. My sister who is pursuing her PhD has used it for planning her project works and researches.

Evidence Is The Key

I believe that anyone who uses the iMindMap will get hooked to it. There is no better way to prove its worth than to either show its presentations and performance or letting you use it for some work or project. It is not one of the over hyped gizmo trick that delivers less and talks more.

My whole family and close group of friends have used it to their benefit. The best thing is probably the 3G presentation. It takes the experience if the audience to a heightened level. This digital product is also capable of clearing your mind and constructs the abstract ideas into something potential and powerful.

Customer Feedback

Three generations of my own house have used this product and loved it. The usage and functionality of this app is varied and you can explore your own creativity with its help.

Arranging data used to be very boring and tedious before but now it has become fun, all thanks to the iMindMap. I have talked and discussed mind mapping with many of my contemporaries. It will help the students with their school or university projects. The entire planning process can be operated with this app from your cell phone or tablet.

Negative Feedback

Some people are saying that using it is not as easy as publicized. This is completely wrong. When you purchase the latest versions, you will be given guidelines and user guidance for tackling the software and make the most of it. If someone finds it difficult to use they should do some research and read the user manuals for better experience.


This is one of the most useful apps/ digital products that I have ever used. There is hardly another similar product in the market that gives the same benefits.

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